About Field

Field is all about the blend. Rich, sweet, full bodied coffees that are for the people. Covering the full spectrum of Medium and Dark roasted coffee Field is the coffee for people that are not yet fans of lightly roasted coffees. 
Field is comprised of directly traded coffees that were purchased at a minimum of x3 the commodity price. These types of purhases are made in conjunction with Fjord green buying and allow both parties to enter into a win/win arangement with the producer. 
By buying larger volumes of producers coffees Field is able to give more financial stability to both the producer and also to you. Our prices will never fluctuate. 
Our espresso and filter blends are created to have the ultimate flavour balance and sweetness. Through increasing the time the coffees are in the roaster we increase the maillard reaction and also caramelisation of sugars, and so increasing the mouthfeel/body of the coffee by ensuring more of the Chlorogentic acid inherent in green coffee, breaks down ito quinic acid - providing that thick and syrupy body. 
Field is coffee for the people.